10 keys for successful business development activities

Here at Sales Engagement Partners we know that building a pipeline begins with having a defined plan of attack for your sales people.

Without clear direction and proper leadership, the results your team will deliver will be sub-par at best.

You must have the following in place to start to build a successful team:

  1. Clearly defined management roles
  2. Trained and ready support staff
  3. Sales goals that are realistic but aggressive
  4. Defined search criteria for your sales people to follow
  5. In-Bound marketing workflows to assist in follow-up
  6. List building with very precise targets in mind
  7. Examples and case studies, where possible, need to be available to support sales efforts
  8. Top of funnel strategy to consistently grow pipeline month over month
  9. Need to start with clearly identified targets
  10. Fully integrated marketing strategy