Is Facebook Dying?

This is obviously a pretty extreme statement, but based on the issues they are having around privacy, and the unreasonable sharing of customer data, there may be a case for it. As a free service the ultimate question is, if they don’t charge for the product, then their users are their product. We are being sold to advertisers, and even more troubling, to data miners for clients to target us and our friends, un-wittingly.

Cambridge Analytica may only be the tip of the iceberg. They have not reviewed all the other apps that were doing similar data mining and may have our likes and quirks, stored offline for future us.

Listening to Jim Cramer on CNBC,  he said that if he wanted to know what products he should invest in,  he should open his daughter’s closet to see which brands are there. This too, applies to social media and all apps for that matter.

If you want to know want social platform you should follow: Ask your kids. They are the one’s that are defining the market.