How your pipeline effects your revenue goals

One thing we have learned at Sales Engagement Partners is that most small businesses never seem to have a clear focus on their extended pipeline, and how this will impact them down the road. There is an understandable commitment to the immediate, and what deals will bring the next round of funding, satisfy the founders, and keep the lights on for the next few quarters. These are obvious and incredibly important factors to consider, but may actually cause them to lose sight of the greater goal of expansion and deliverables, that need to be addressed for 12, 24 and 36 month planning needs.

Rewarding your SDR’s and BDR’s for deals closed each month is key, but patience is needed to nurture the work they are doing, so as not to have them disregard deals that may come in the future. If they feel those deals are irrelevant then they will not keep the most needed “lead nurturing” best practices in place that every company must have.

As part of the training we offer, managers and sales teams must buy into the concept that no lead, however distant it appears, should be discarded. This is not an easy concept in today’s immediate results driven work place.