Workshop #2: The Power of Vulnerability in Leadership

Overall Goals: Studies show that employees need more in leadership than direction and modeling. Great leaders have the ability to make their employees feel safe. In a fast paced digital world of uncertain, this quality becomes increasing important towards creating a cohesive and productive group culture.

In this workshop: 2 Business approaches toward sustaining and motivating employees will be defined and applied to one current practice

  1. A. Video analysis: Brene Brown: The Power Of Vulnerability

  1. Key Concepts
  • Lessons from The “Styrofoam Cup”
  • Overcoming Obstacles towards Motivation
  • How Great Leaders make Employees feel Safe
  1. Outcomes: Analyze a recent communication strategy using the concepts of leadership and motivation,
  2. Take-Aways: Rework a new concept, project idea, or goal promoting an employee centered orientation.