Sales Engagement Methods

Sales Engagement means defining the target audience and then finding ways to connect with them.

Using advanced market research beyond traditional media, keyword, & social to determine what products will generate organic interest (online video, network television, social, print, podcasts, radio, search engines, targeted display networks, etc.) and will help drive results

List building is an overlooked but necessary part of every sales and marketing strategy.

At Sales Engagement Partners we will work with your team to deliver the following:

– User case studies to understand the key challenges & goals of niche target audience.

– Overall Brand strategy audit & evaluation, direction, social impact, persona creation, analytics insights, etc.

– In-depth Analysis & Targeting

Secondary Sales Engagement methods:

  1. — Existing brand direction & strategy assessment
  2. — Suggested content items to produce
  3. — Organic quotas per placement 
  4. — Targeted & Social traffic crafted per network & content
  5. — Overall lead attribution plan per placement across multiple touch points
  6. – Monthly support & analysis includes ongoing audit & refinement of targeting, content recommendations, & placement.

Our programs include

Overseeing multi-channel outreach including targeted channels identified in analysis relevant to the niche market.