Sales Outreach 101

Sales Outreach is one of the most difficult tasks that organizations struggle with every day. For most sales people spending the time finding, and qualifying the right prospects can take up a huge portion of their day. This takes away from the time that should be used, actually selling.

There is a huge difference between prospecting and selling.

This may seem like the most obvious statement ever, but the fact remains that I get so many calls from sales people that have absolutely no relevance. They are mostly for things that I would never need or purchase. This shows a complete lack of understanding of the product they are selling. It also shows a complete lack of knowledge of the prospects they are targeting. 

One of the things we always begin our sales training with, is asking the group who their target audience is. The answers almost always are, a list of titles, or companies, or even worse they don’t really know. It can take 20 minutes just getting the group to understand how to define the real target. This is a must, before anything can be achieved. 

This to us, is the not the fault of the sales person, but rather the sign of  bigger issues inside the company. Sales managers have quotas, and deadlines, and a lot to deal with. Training almost always ends up being about product information,  or closing tactics. These are necessary but secondary to actual customer contact, and selling success. 

If a sales person can actually spend time on the phone or in person  with the right contact, then their job and, by default their results will be really worthwhile. Our training program guides BDR’s through the step needed to maximize the value of their time.  We also help managers better set up their team for success.

All of our workshops are tailored for your organization. We will custom tailor the program to guarantee success. More sales leads. Better close rates. More efficient sales teams. This is our commitment to you. 

Reach out and see how we can build your team’s success.